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    We are happy to finally be able to open up some forums for both our customers and the public. The forums will be used as our Knowledgebase and are also a great way for the community to help each other out and share knowledge.

    Kickassd Customers

    You have some special benefits on the forums such as:

    - Create your own custom title
    - Bypass flood protection (ability to post in quick succession)
    - Bypass spam protection
    - Edit your own posts without time constraint
    - Increased Avatar allowed size
    - Allowed 2 links in signature instead of one
    - Allowed to have image in signature
    - Allowed extended text formatting (color, font, size)
    - 6 lines allowed in signature
    - Access to private forum

    Claiming Your Forum Privleges

    Open a ticket from your Kickassd client area titled "Forum Privileges Request". In your ticket include the username and email you created your forum account with.

    Community Helpers

    If you enjoy writing, helping people, and sharing you knowledge we would love to have you on board as a community helper. These are not paid positions but there are perks and chances to win discounts and account credits that can be put towards your hosting service.

    If you are interested in this position hit me up by private message.

    Rules And Guidelines

    These forums are lightly moderated at best and are not for regular or urgent support. If you need regular or urgent support please go through the normal channels such as live chat, phone, and ticket. Kickassd staff is not required to respond to any inquiry on these forums though we usually will :)

    We are easy to get along with and there are few rules, but those rules need to be followed. failure to do so may end-up in a ban. General rules:

    - No vulgar language, insulting other members or staff. I think we are all intelligent enough to express ourselves without resorting to these things. Be polite and we will all get along.

    - No adult or illegal content.

    - No advertising, and no spamming.

    - Communication is to be only in English.

    - Do not contact other members on the forum with any type of promotion or advertising.

    - No affiliate or referral links.

    These forums are here to help people, spread knowledge, and friendly constructive communication, we hope you enjoy them as we will.

    Welcome To Kickassd Forums!,
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