Proper Resolver.conf Setup On cPanel Server

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    Note: If you are a Kickassd customer on a manged server we have already set this up for you.

    A common practice when setting up resolvers on a cPanel server is to use Googles public DNS:

    Usually this is fine, but in some cases RBL (Real Time Blackhole List) will list a server if it is using public DNS servers like this. It is preferable to use the DNS servers that in most cases your datcenter provides. If you don't know what they are you should reach out to your datacenter and inquire.

    If they supply two DNS servers as the third one use Googles > The chances of your datacenters servers going down are slim, the chances of your datacenters and Googles DNS servers going down at the same time are pretty much non existent.

    You can use WHM > Resolver.conf to make this change. I recommend though you first make a backup of the current resolv.conf file.

    cd /etc
    cp resolv.conf resolv_bak.conf

    Now if you make the change and there is a problem you have the previous values to fall back on.

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