End Of 2018 Updates

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    2018 has been another great year for Kickassd! Thank you to all of our super loyal and awesome customers for making it such a great year.

    Recent Changes

    Performance And Security (all servers)
    TLS 1.3 enabled
    -- Much better performance and security even then TLS 1.2
    TLS 1.0 and 1.1 disabled
    CIPHERS revisited and all weak disabled
    Brotli compression enabled on all servers
    -- For both dynamic and static content
    -- Automatic gzip and brotli conversion for cached pages
    You can now manage your Litespeed cache direct from cPanel

    R1Soft has been removed and replaced with JetBackup (not yet active on all servers)
    -- This gives us better flexibility, performance, and reliability in our testing.

    We now accept Bitcoin and some alt coins as payment.

    Coming First Quarter 2019

    -- Reseller plans
    These have been a longtime coming but we needed to make sure our environment was ready for it, it now is.

    A few other really cool features possibly coming in 2019 as well but I will keep those under my hat until I know for sure :)

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