Automated IP Unblocking With CSF On cPanel Server

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    If you have a cPanel server with client sites on it and you are using CSF there is a pretty good chance your clients will get themselves banned by the system for a variety of reasons. CSF (Config Server Firewall) has a built in feature called Messenger that allows you to allow your clients to unban their own IPs.

    Setting It Up

    First thing is we need to create a user with no login or shell access that also has a directory in /home. We will call this user "csf".

    useradd csf -s /bin/false
    Head over to:

    When creating your ReCaptcha make sure to uncheck the "Domain Validation" option, unless of course you want to add every domain on your server :) Record your site key and secret.

    nano /etc/csf/csf.conf
    Find the following and change them to match what is posted here:

    MESSENGER = "1"
    MESSENGERV2 = "1"
    RECAPTCHA_SITEKEY = "add me"
    RECAPTCHA_SECRET = "add me"
    Exit and restart LFD:
    service lfd status
    Now do something you usually don't want to do, ban your IP:
    Note: Make sure you can access the server from another IP or you could find yourself locked out!
    csf -d
    Navigate to a website on the server or try to access a control panel. You should be greeted with the CSF page, and an option to unblock with ReCaptcha. If not you will need to move a file and restart lfd.

     cp /etc/csf/messenger/index.recaptcha.php
    mv /home/csf/public_html/index.php /home/csf/public_html/index_bak.php
    mv /home/csf/public_html/index.recaptcha.php /home/csf/public_html/index.php
    chown csf:nobody /home/csf/public_html/index.php
    Restart lfd:
    service lfd restart
    I recommend reading through the "Messenger" section in the CSF readme.txt as well which is located at /etc/csf

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